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My Art... Emotional Abstract Expressionism

I find that Emotional Abstract Expressionism has a way of communicating on a deeper level. My-self, my paint and my canvas become one, I am led by nothing more than emotional instinct.  Human experiences, memories and feelings transcend strong visual language, colour, shape & form all have a unique way of communicating unspoken words. Bold lines, and vibrant hues create dynamic compositions that convey a sense of movement, energy, and emotion, they can stir your mind and soul to a distant place & bring solace in times of sadness.  Capturing an emotion and a moment in time through paint, making it timeless, a never fading memory is a very special thing indeed.

I never plan my work, I directly put paint to canvas allowing the painting to paint itself.  Once I’ve a few layers of paint on my canvas I tend to use palette knives & I’ll layer my story slowly, giving myself time to feel the painting.  To let go of any pre conceived ideas of what you want the end result to look like.  To let go of the control and completely trust the process of evoked emotions are one of the strongest ingredients to a beautiful heart-felt piece.  Art has a powerful force that can reach everyone, it can depict every emotion, it can lift our spirits and yet also reduce us to tears.  The window of art is also such strong medicine without any nasty side effects.  When you are painting it’s pretty impossible to think about anything else, giving the brain some well deserved rest time, aiding our well-being.

On many of my pieces I’ve been known to add stories & memories through semi abstract images that emerge into the abstract landscapes.  These painting are the ones that are extremely important & personal to me.  They will depict every ounce of every feeling, bring energy, & emotional intensity and can become a gateway to a higher realm, encouraging you to explore your own personal response to the work.  I paint from my heart and soul, so how do I teach this skill?  Well to be honest I can’t.  I can’t make you feel what I feel as we are different people, but I can set the scene & give you the tools to understand the process of Emotional Abstract Expressionism. 

Why not join me in my next Workshop,  just click on “Classes”. x

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