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Community Funded

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Look out for our community art classes & events which we have been awarded funding for, this helps us to aid health & well-being & reach more of our community.


Our Community

BloomingArt Community is committed to equal opportunities and will take positive action to eliminate discrimination in all areas of work. We love to make a difference and bring a sense of belonging to our members. We have an incredible success rate on aiding health and well-being.


BloomingArt Community will develop such policies that are necessary to fulfil our aims and objectives, such as, equality and diversity and inclusion. We are always looking for ways to make a real difference to our community. We also pride ourselves on our "Green Action Plan".

Aims and Objectives
  • To encourage initiatives and partnerships with local voluntary & non voluntary organisations

  • To maximise resources available to the local & extended community

  • To manage the group effectively and in the increasing community participation best interest of the local community and surrounding vicinity

  • To foster a community spirit for the achievements of these and other objects

  • To utilise those with suitable qualifications and experience to aid quality of delivery

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