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I wish for happiness, laughter and a space to shine as bright as the stars.

Updated: Feb 10

We as children used lines & colour when we first picked up a pencil or crayon. It is a natural movement for the hand for most of us. As long as I can remember Art & seeing folk learn and progress has made me feel happy, valued, excited, fulfilled, engaged, intrigued & hopeful.

To me, lines & colour suggest emotion. When we are sad, we hold ourselves differently, we suggest an outline of gloom & sorrow. When it is grey outside, most of us feel bleak, because of the lack of sun & vivacious blue sky. Yet, in love we can become entwined, closing at seams, portraying a whole other visual response.

Lines can represent anger, fear, excitement, love, sadness, happiness & peace... When colour is introduced the power of what it represents is magnified. Colour... How I love colour.

If you think back to when you were a child, sitting on the grass & looking up into the sky, finding shapes that made animals, people, faces & objects. I think this is when my daydreaming and my hunger for a kind, caring and loving world first started; the beginning of “Unicorn Land”.

Between curvilinear & biomorphic shapes, distortion & idealism, my choice of direction and desire to record a moment in time entered my world of art. Through the use of oils, acrylics & mix media, my art work is formed by means of experiences, feelings & observations from my environment. I am an emotional painter and I love to hide symbolic messages within my paintings amongst the injection of colour.

Whether you have a creative child or you think you would like to make new friends with an interest in art, look no further. We care so much, just read our reviews.

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